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About Adobe Experience Cloud Triggers

Triggers is an integration between Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics using the pipeline. The pipeline retrieves users' actions or triggers from your website. A cart abandonment is an example of trigger. Triggers are processed in Adobe Campaign to send emails in near real time.
Triggers run marketing actions within a short range of time following a user’s action. The typical response time is less than one hour.
It allows for more agile integrations since the configuration is minimal and a third party is not involved. It also supports high volumes of traffic without impacting the performance of marketing activities. As an example, the integration can process a million triggers per hour.

Triggers architecture

The pipelined process is always running on the Adobe Campaign marketing server. It connects to the pipeline, retrieves the events, and processes them immediately.
The pipelined process logs in to the Experience Cloud using an authentication service and sends a private key. The authentication service returns a token. The token is used to authenticate when retrieving the events.
For more information on authentication, refer to this page .
Further processing of events is done as part of the ACX Package provided outside the default implementation. Received event is processed immediately using JavaScript code. It is saved into a database table with no further processing in real time. The triggers are used for targeting by a campaign workflow which sends emails. The campaign is set up so the customer that has triggered the event will receive an email.