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Lost password

You can change or recover a lost password.
There are two possible scenarios:
  • Password lost by an Adobe Campaign operator.
    In this case, you can change the password of the operator concerned. To do this, connect via an operator with administrator rights, right-click on an operator, select Actions > Reset password and set the operator's new password. We recommend that operators change their password when they first reconnect.
  • Internal password loss (on-premise customers only).
    If the internal password is lost, you must reinitialize it. To do this, apply the following procedure:
    1. Edit the /usr/local/neolane/nl6/conf/serverConf.xml file.
    2. Go to the internalPassword line.
      <!-- XTK authentication mode internalPassword : Password of internal account -->
       <xtk internalPassword="myPassword"/>
    3. Delete the string in quotes, in this case: myPassword
      You thus obtain the following line:
      !-- XTK authentication mode internalPassword : Password of internal account -->
      <xtk internalPassword=""/
    4. Save changes and close the file.
    5. Configure the new password. To do this, enter the following commands:
      nlserver config -internalpassword
      HH:MM:SS > Application server for Adobe Campaign Classic (7.X YY.R build XXX@SHA1) of DD/MM/YYYY
      Enter current password.
      Password: (empty)
      Enter the new password.
    6. You can now use your new password to connect in Internal mode.