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Workflow execution

Workflow execution cycle and best practices are presented in this section .
For more on how to monitor you workflows, refer to this section .

Start in progress

If workflows aren't executing and their status is Start in progress , this might mean that the workflow module isn't launched.
To check this and to start the module if necessary, apply the following steps:
  1. Check that your wfserver@ <instance> modules are launched on your main application server.
    nlserver pdump
    HH:MM:SS > Application server for Adobe Campaign Classic (7.X YY.R build XXX@SHA1) of DD/MM/YYYY
    wfserver@<INSTANCENAME> (9340) - 11.3 Mb
  2. If the workflow server is not listed, start it using the following command:
    nlserver start wfserver@<INSTANCENAME>
    Replace <instancename> with the name of your instance (production, development, etc.). The instance name is identified via the configuration files: [path of application]nl6/conf/config-<instancename>.xml

Failed workflow

If a workflow fails, take the following steps:
  1. Check the workflow journal. For more on this, refer to the Monitoring workflow execution and Display logs sections.
  2. Monitor technical workflows. For more on this refer to the this section .p
  3. Look for failures on the individual workflow activities.