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Advanced functionalities

Adding a script

Script activity

This activity enables you to process data and easily create complex queries that don't enable SQL language.
Simply enter your query in the script window.
The Texts tab enables you to define text strings. They may then be used with the following syntax: $(Identifier) . For more on using texts, refer to Adding a header and a footer .
We do NOT recommend using JavaScript code to create aggregates.
To create a history of your report, add the following line to your JavaScript query in order to save your archived data:
if( ctx.@_historyId.toString().length == 0 )

Otherwise current data will be displayed.

External script

It's possible to use an external script that will be executed on the server and/or client side. To do this:
  1. Edit the report properties and click the Scripts .
  2. Click Add and select the script to be referenced.
  3. Then select the execution mode.
    If you add several scripts, use the arrows of the toolbar to define their execution sequence.

Calling up another report

Jump activity

A jump is like a transition without an arrow: it lets you go from one activity to another or access another report.