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Enriching content

Aggregators let you enrich the content with external data. This data comes from generic queries or linked tables.

Generic queries

Queries are configured via the publication template in the Aggregator tab.
The data retrieved will enrich the XML output document via its main element.
Example of return from a query on the recipient schema ( nms:recipient ):
<book name="Content Management">
    <recipient lastName="Doe" firstName="John" email="">

The <collection-recipient> element represents the input element of the document resulting from a query. The data retrieved is returned under this element; in our example, a recipient list.

Adding a query

The query parameters are edited using a wizard.
  1. In the first page, specify the label and the schema containing the data to be retrieved.
    The edit field Path is used to rename the query output element.
  2. The next page lets you select the data to retrieve.
  3. The next page defines the filter condition.
  4. The last page launches a preview of the data returned by the query.

Linked tables

Links let you retrieve external data linked to the content.
There are two types of linked data:
  • Content links: this is the native content management mode. The content of the link is automatically integrated in the XML output document.
  • Links to external tables give access to all the other tables in the database with the constraint of retrieving the data of the selected link with an aggregator.