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Technical monitoring

Technical Deliverability Monitoring Report

The technical deliverability monitoring report is updated daily and available by navigating to Monitoring > Overview and clicking the Technical monitoring link from the Adobe Campaign Home tab. It includes a number of deliverability quality indicators for your platform.
These indicators are updated daily at 9 AM.
In addition, you are able to receive a daily report by email at a specified address. Please let us know the requested email address by email or via the Adobe Campaign Extranet.
The following indicators are used in the report:
  • Reverse DNS : Adobe Campaign checks whether a reverse DNS is given for an IP address and that this correctly points back to the IP.
  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework): An authentication mechanism that enables ISPs and mailbox providers to check whether the email sender is authorized on the sending domain.
  • DomainKeys : A service developed by Yahoo and intended to certify the identity of an email sender.
  • IP and RBL domain (Real-time Blackhole List): A list of IP addresses and domains that have been flagged by blocklist organizations for poor sending reputation. These lists are maintained by dedicated organizations such as Spamhaus,Spamcop, SURBL/URIBL, etc. Adobe Campaign currently processes checks against RBLs that have a significant deliverability impact. These RBLs reflect sending reputation, and may be referenced by ISPs before accepting to receive your emails.
  • SNDS (Smart Network Data Services): A Windows Live Hotmail anti-spam service . Hotmail is the only ISP that provides this type of information. Benchmark scores are a green filter result, a complaint rate of less than 0.1%, and zero spam traps.