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Creating a delivery template

Converting an existing delivery to a template

A delivery can be converted to a template for new repeated delivery actions. To convert a delivery to a template, select it from the delivery list, accessible via the Campaign management node of the tree.
Right-click and select Actions > Save as template... .
This action creates a delivery template from the selected delivery. You must enter the folder where it is saved (in the Folder field) as well as the folder where the deliveries created based on this template are created (in the Execution folder field).
For more information on the configuration mode, refer to Linking the template to a delivery .

Creating a new template

To configure a delivery template, carry out the following steps:
  1. Open the Campaign Explorer.
  2. In the Resources folder, select Templates then Delivery templates .
  3. Click New in the toolbar to create a new delivery template.
  4. Modify the Label and the Internal name of the folder.
  5. Save your template and reopen it.
  6. Click the Properties button, and then modify the values according to your requirements.
  7. In the General tab, confirm or change the locations selected in the Execution folder , Folder , and Routing drop-down menus.
  8. Complete the Email parameters category with your email subject and targeted population.
  9. Add your HTML content to personalize your template, you can display a mirror page link and an unsubscription link.
  10. Select the Preview tab. In the Test personalization drop-down menu, select Recipient to preview your template as the chosen profile.
  11. Click Save . Your template is now ready to be used in a delivery.
To avoid configuration errors, we recommend that you duplicate a native template and alter its properties rather than create a new template.