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Create,manage, and publish In-App messages

With this channel, you will have the option to target your users through different delivery templates:

Broadcast In-App message (Target all users of a mobile app)

To Broadcast to all users of your mobile app whether or not Campaign has their profile information, you will need to use the
Target all users of a mobile app template.
Some of the pertinent use cases in this category are - mobile app tutorials to first time app launchers or announcements for new feature releases.

Target all users based on their mobile app profile

Target all known and/or unknown users (those who have browsed the app in an anonymous mode) with message personalized with user attributes obtained from m This delivery template is geared towards a mixed user base of some known and some anonymous profiles. So, the personalization strategy is based on what you have learnt about the users from their interaction with the device (e.g. target all users who have who have launched their App more than 5 times in last one week).

Target users based on their Campaign profile

Target known mobile app users (those who have logged into the app with PII) with message personalized with CRM profile attributes available in Campaign. This template is most useful to support cross-channel orchestration use cases, where you have already targeted users on other channels like Email or Push and based on their response, you want to engage them with an in-app message.

Create an In-App message using a Campaign profile template