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Understanding the Adobe Experience Platform Data Connector

This capability is currently in beta, and subject to frequent updates and modifications without notice. Audience Destinations is based on Adobe Experience Platform and requires a specific configuration. Please reach out to Adobe Customer Care if you plan to implement this capability.


Adobe Experience Platform Data Connector helps existing customers to make their data available on Adobe Experience Platform by mapping XTK data (data ingested in Campaign) to Experience Data Model (XDM) data on Adobe Experience Platform.
Note that the connector is uni-directional and sends the data from Adobe Campaign Standard to Adobe Experience Platform. The data are never sent from the Adobe Experience Platform to Adobe Campaign Standard.
Adobe Experience Platform Data Connector is intended for data engineers who understand Adobe Campaign Standard custom resources and have an understanding of how customer's overall data schema should be inside Adobe Experience Platform.

This video gives an overview over the Adobe Experience Platform Data Connector (09:35 min)
The out-of-the-box transfer of subscription events is not supported. To transfer subscription events, you can create corresponding XDM and dataset on AEP, then configure a custom data mapping for these data. Existing experience events cannot be ingested into AEP, but ongoing generated experience events will be streamed to AEP.

Key steps to perform a data mapping

The following tutorials describe the key-steps to perform a data mapping between Campaign Standard and Adobe Experience Platform: