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Configure Unifi introduction

Unifi synchronizes the Microsoft Dynamics 365 contact records with profile records in Adobe Campaign Standard. This page explains how to configure Unifi for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector.For more information also see the product documentation Configure Unifi for Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration and the [Unifi] User Guide .

Use cases

The following use cases are covered:
  • Add/update contact records
  • Delete contact records
  • Email marketing events: sends, opens, and clicks
  • Opt-out
The following video explains each of the use cases in more detail.

Use Cases (01:36 min)

Login and credentials

This section discusses first-time user login and credential information.

Unifi Login and first-time user experience

This video shows how to login to Unifi for the first time (01:19 min)

Add the credential information of Adobe Campaign Standard and Microsoft Dynamics 365

This video describes how to add the credential information for Adobe Campaign Standard & Microsoft Dynamics 365 to [Unifi] (01:23 min)