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Experience Platform SDK integration FAQ

To send push notifications and In-App messages with Experience Platform SDK application, a mobile application has to be set up in Adobe Experience Platform SDK and configured in Adobe Campaign.
The section below lists common questions about this synchronization.
For more information on Push or In-App, refer to the following FAQs:

Useful resources before starting

Check out the resources below for more information on the Adobe Experience Platform SDK and Campaign Standard integration:

Is Adobe Experience Platform SDK integration available for both Adobe Campaign Standard and Adobe Campaign Classic?

Yes, Adobe Experience Platform SDK integration is available for both Adobe Campaign Standard and Adobe Campaign Classic. You need to install the corresponding Extension via Adobe Launch to enable the integration.
For more on this, refer to this page .

What capabilities does Adobe Experience Platform SDK integration facilitate in Adobe Campaign?

Refer to the table below to learn more about these capabilities.
Places integration includes places events as triggers for In-App messages (N/A for Push notifications), enriching profiles with Places data and local notifications support. Refer to this page for more information.
Places limited integration includes enriching profiles with Places data.

What use case does Adobe Experience Platform SDK integration facilitate in Adobe Campaign Standard?

The following use cases are supported:
  • Acquire a Mobile Profile in Campaign (identified by ECID in Administration > Channels > Mobile app (AEP SDK) > Mobile Application subscribers tab)
  • Enrich a Mobile Profile in Adobe Campaign (requires Custom resource Extension of appSubscriberRcp table)
  • Acquire a Push token for sending Push messages (requires user opt-in to receive Push messages)
  • Send Push and In-App Messages
  • Track user's interaction with Push and In-App Messages and provide reports on that

What do I have to do in order to acquire a Mobile Profile in Campaign?

To do so, follow the steps below:
  1. Configure a Mobile property in Launch.
  2. Install Adobe Campaign Standard extension. Note that Adobe Campaign Standard extension also requires Mobile Core , Profile and Lifecycle extensions which are installed by default in Launch.
    • Users should configure Session timeout in Mobile Core extension which impacts the frequency of lifecycle events.
    • Once the extension is configured, users should add appropriate dependencies in the Mobile App using Cocoapods for iOS and Gradle for Android. Follow the directions here .
    • Always take the latest versions of the libraries.
    • In Mobile App, register Campaign , UserProfile , Identity , Lifecycle and Signal extensions. Follow the directions here .
    • Once extensions are registered, start ACPCore. For Android, be sure to setApplication onCreate(). Follow the exact instructions provided in Mobile Install Instructions for your Mobile Property in Launch.
    • Following SDK APIs will also be required. Implement Lifecycle Start and Pause APIs as described here for Android and here for iOS.
  3. Configure a Mobile Property in Adobe Campaign Standard. Follow the procedure here .

What do I have to do in order to enrich a Mobile Profile in Campaign?

You need to configure a CollectPII postback (refer to this page ) and implement CollectPII API from SDK (refer to this page ).

How frequently should a CollectPII call be fired?

The objective of CollectPII call is to enrich the Mobile Profile in Campaign. It should be fired whenever there is new meaningful information that customers would like to add to the profile depending on their use cases and business needs.

Can CollectPII calls be fired in response to multiple trigger events?

Yes. Depending on your business need, you may fire CollectPII calls in response to user logging in the app, or purchasing something or lifecycle event or user entering a geofence etc. To sum up, an interaction of user with the app that generates information you would want to use for Profile enrichment.

Can I just fire CollectPII calls in response to all Mobile events?

Frequency and design of CollectPII calls should be dictated by business needs and shouldn't be fired blindly as it creates extra load on the DB.

When I try to access Adobe Experience Platform Apps in Campaign or Launch, I sometimes get a property not available error.

This is a known issue and happens due to token expiration. You should try login out and in.

What would be some useful resource recommendations to learn more about Adobe Experience Platform SDK (formerly known as SDK V5)?

Check out the resources below: