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Monitoring guidelines

Campaign Standard provides several ways of monitoring your instances to make sure that your system is healthy and eventually troubleshoot issues that may occur when setting up workflows, sending deliveries, etc.

Monitoring the system

System notifications Campaign Standard interface provides a notification pane that allows you to be kept informed of what is happening in the system: events statuses, system updates, action required, etc. Read more
Technical workflows Technical workflows are operations or jobs scheduled to be executed on a regular basis on the server. To ensure that your instance is healthy and functioning properly, you need to make sure that they are always up and running. Read more
Control Panel The Control Panel allows you to manage several settings of your instance: URL permissions, check your instance details like your servers' build versions, monitor active profiles usage, etc. It also allows you to monitor the available space on the SFTP servers that are connected to your instance. Read more .
Please note that the Control Panel is accessible to Admin users only, and available for all customers using Adobe Managed Services.
Technical objects The Diagnosis menu is a key tool to monitor and analyze the different technical objects generated by the application: data schemas, web pages, batch jobs, etc. Read more
Export audits Export audits allow you to monitor the exports performed on your instances: files uploaded from workflows, list exports, and files downloaded from direct mail messages. Read more
Licences With the Licenses menu, monitor information about your instances: installed licenses, build versions and terms agreement acceptances. Read more

Monitoring workflows

Best practices and troubleshooting Following best practices and troubleshooting guidelines when using workflows can help improve performances. Read more
Logs and tasks Worklow logs monitoring is a key step to analyze your workflows and make sure they are running properly. Read more
Notifications Campaign Standard allows you to send notifications to supervisors in order to monitor your workfows' execution and see if there is any error that requires your attention. Read more

Monitoring deliveries

Deliverability Campaign Standard provides several deliverability tools to help you improve the number of successfully delivered messages: delivery thoughput reports, sending time optimization, messages preview, email rendering, quarantine management, etc. Read more
Deliveries Once your messages are sent, detailed logs allows you to monitor the deliveries and measure the success of your campaign, as well as track the behavior of the messages recipients. Read more
Delivery alerting With the Delivery alerting feature, you can set up alerts that will be automatically sent to a group of users regarding the execution of deliveries: failed sending or preparation, bad bounces ratio, low throughput, etc. Read more
Dynamic reporting Dynamic reporting provides various reports to help you being kept informed of how your deliveries are performing: bounces, most viewed deeliveries by recipients, deliveries' throughput, etc. Read more