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List of roles

By default, Adobe Campaign offers a set of roles which allows you to define unitary authorizations assigned to users and user groups. Combined with organizational units, roles give users a filtered view of the interface and define their access to the different features. For more on this, refer to the Roles and permissions table .
Roles can be managed from the
Administration > Users & Security > Roles
Default rights are:
  • Administration
    : Generic administration right.
  • Datamodel
    : Right to run publications and create custom resources.
  • Export
    : Right to export data.
  • Generic import
    : Right to run a generic import on data. For this to work, you need to link the
    Generic import
    role to the
  • Prepare deliveries
    : Right to create, modify, prepare and delete deliveries. Users with this role can prepare the delivery but not send it.
  • Start deliveries
    : Right to create, modify, prepare, send, and delete deliveries.
  • Workflow
    : Right to create, modify, start and delete workflows. Users with this role can not send a delivery even in a workflow.
Command execution
File access
Message Center push
roles are for Adobe administrators internal use only. They should not be granted to a user.
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