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Sharing a landing page

About landing page publication

Before publishing a landing page, you need to perform tests: validate the execution, configure access and set up your landing page end-of-life. These steps are prerequisites and need to be executed with caution.

Testing the landing page

As the landing page will impact your platform and data, you need to test carefully its execution. To do this:
  1. Click the
    button in the action bar of the landing page.
  2. From the test screen, select a test profile, and a test service if the landing page is to manage subscriptions.
  3. Enter data in the fields, and select options.
  4. Submit the landing page and check updates in the database.
    When the form is submitted, service and profile used are updated.
  5. Repeat this with various profiles and data.
    You can also generate the landing page thumbnail from this screen.

Setting up validity parameters

Before publishing, for security reasons and platform performances, we highly recommend you to set an expiration date in the landing page properties. On the selected date, the landing page is automatically unpublished. To do this:
  1. Edit the landing page properties accessed via the button in the landing page dashboard.
  2. Set up expiration date and time in the
    section: the landing page will automatically be unpublished on the specified date and therefore no longer be available.
    You can select the time zone to be taken into account for this date and time.
  3. Define a redirection URL to redirect the visitors when trying to access a non-active landing page.
You can also define a deployment date and time: the landing page will then be automatically published on the specified date.

Publishing a landing page

When you publish a landing page, it goes live and can be accessed by your visitors.
You can unpublish or update and republish your landing page at any time, via the
button. However, if republishing fails and you have not yet unpublished your landing page, the first version will remain online.