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Multi-solution email design

Adobe Campaign offers several email authoring options. You can use solutions such as Dreamweaver to edit your email content and create responsive messages in the Email Designer. You can also email content with Adobe Experience Manager and use it in your emails in Adobe Campaign Standard.

Editing content in Dreamweaver

The Adobe Campaign Standard integration with Dreamweaver lets you edit an email's content in the Dreamweaver interface. You have access to the powerful interface of Dreamweaver to design and develop responsive email content.
  • Bidirectional syncing
    Whenever an edit is made in one product, it is updated in real time in the other. If you want to change the color of text in Dreamweaver, as soon as you make that edit, the color of the text is live in Campaign. Additionally, when you select code in either Dreamweaver or Campaign, since the line numbers are the same, the selection remains between the two products, which is very useful when looking for something specific in the code.
  • Upload local images to Adobe Campaign through Dreamweaver
    When creating or editing an email within Dreamweaver, you can simply select an image from your desktop or local machine. While Dreamweaver has always allowed you to do this, when Dreamweaver and Campaign are connected, the local file is immediately uploaded to the Adobe Campaign server: no need to manually upload images as content changes. Additionally, it ensures that the latest images are always live in Campaign.
  • Add Campaign personalization in Dreamweaver
    For the email developer there is no longer a need to add text like [[FIRSTNAME_PLACEHOLDER]] nor to look up the syntax of your data model’s tables. The Campaign toolbar in Dreamweaver connects directly to your Campaign instance's data model. That means you can pull in any data you want for personalization from something like First Name to Address. If you’ve created Content Blocks within Campaign, you can also pull those directly into Dreamweaver.
This capability is detailed in the Dreamweaver Documentation accessible here . A demonstration video is also available.

Editing content in Experience Manager

Email content can be edited in Experience Manager and then used for one or several email messages in Adobe Campaign Standard. Refer to this document .

Email design options comparison

Adobe Campaign offers several email authoring options. The table below shows the main possibilities, benefits and limitations for each of them.
Email Designer Experience Manager Dreamweaver
Start blank email Supported Supported Supported
Write HTML Supported Not supported Supported
Update HTML Only inside an HTML component Not supported Supported
Basic personalization Supported Supported Supported
Advanced personalization Supported Not supported Not supported
Proof/Preview Supported Preview in AEM Proof in Campaign Preview and proof in Campaign
Product listings Supported in email transactional messages Not supported Not supported
- Easy email building through drag-and-drop experience
- Functionalities similar to legacy content editor
- Reusable content with fragments
- Reusing assets from website in emails
- Leveraging the power of Experience Manager in email contents
- Capability for a developer to directly code an email
- Bi-directional synchronization
- Editing offline in Dreamweaver and synchronizing later
- Uploading images to Adobe Campaign through Dreamweaver
- No conditional content within fragments
- Using Experience Manager fragments not possible
- Advanced personalization difficult to implement
- Need to send tests in Adobe Campaign
Dynamic content not supported
Audience Marketers who want to keep the flexibility to use HTML components in combination with drag-and-drop features Marketers already using Experience Manager who want to use standard email templates with little personalization Developers who want to code email contents and integrate directly with Adobe Campaign
To learn more See About the Email Designer . See Integrating with Experience Manager . See Dreamweaver and Campaign and watch this video .