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Plain text and HTML modes

Generating a text version of the email

By default, the Plain text version of your email is automatically generated and synchronized with the Edit version.
Personalization fields and content blocks added to the HTML version are also synchronized with the plain text version.
To use content blocks in plain text version, make sure they do not contain HTML code.
To have a plain text version different from the HTML version, you can disable this synchronization by clicking the Sync with HTML switch from the Plain text view of your email.
You can then edit the plain text version as desired.
If you edit the Plain text version while synchronization is disabled, the next time you enable the Sync with HTML option, all the changes you made in the plain text version will be replaced with the HTML version. The changes made in Plain text view cannot be reflected in HTML view.

Editing an email content source in HTML

For the most advanced users and debugging, you can view and edit the email content directly in HTML.
You have two ways to edit the HTML version of the email:
  • Select Edit > HTML to open the HTML version of the entire email.
  • From the WYSIWYG interface, select an element and click the Source code icon.
    Only the source of the selected element is displayed. You can edit the source code if the selected element is a HTML content component. Other components are in read-only mode, but can still be edited in the full HTML version of the email.
If you modify the HTML the code, the responsiveness of the email could be broken. Make sure to test it using the Preview button. See Previewing messages .