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Inserting images

You can insert images in your emails and landing pages.
The following types of images are available, depending on your configuration:
If enabled, you can modify images with the Adobe Creative SDK. See Modifying images with the Adobe Creative SDK .
If you choose to add an image directly by editing the HTML version of the email, you must not call up external files in a <script> tag of the HTML page. These files will not be imported onto the Adobe Campaign server.

Inserting images in an email

  1. Add a structure component. For more on this, see Editing the email structure .
  2. Inside this structure component, add an Image content component.
  3. Click Browse . Drag and drop an image or click to select a file from your computer.
  4. Select the content component that you just added.
  5. Check the image properties and adjust them if needed.

Inserting images in a landing page

  1. In a landing page content, select a block containing an image.
  2. Select the Insert button.
  3. Choose Local image from the contextual toolbar.
  4. Select a file.
  5. Adjust the image properties as needed.