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Deleting a resource

To delete a resource, the resource in question must be a
. The resource is in
status if:
  • It has just been created and has not yet been published.
  • If it has already been published, the resource has to be re-drafted.
Re-drafting and deleting a custom resource are sensitive operations which can impact other resources. These actions must be performed by an expert user only.
To re-draft and delete a published resource:
  1. Select the resource you want to re-draft.
  2. Click the
    button in the action bar.
  3. Click
    This action is definitive: the resource's database table or colums and their data will be permanently deleted when the modification is published, which can result in broken links from other custom resources. Only the resource definition will remain available.
    If you re-draft an extension of the out-of-the-box
    Profiles (profile)
    resource, you must also re-draft any
    Test profile (seedMember)
    extension you may have defined. For more on extending the profile resource, see this section .
  4. Publish the resource. For more detailed steps, refer to Publishing a custom resource .
    The resource then goes into
    mode and its activation status is
  5. In
    mode, check the resource to delete then click the
    Delete element
Your resource is deleted from the data model.
If a field of a custom resource used on an event is modified or deleted, the corresponding event will automatically be unpublished. See Configuring transactional messaging .