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Get started with Campaign Standard data model

Extend Campaign Standard data model with your own fields and resources, and monitor all data model changes into one single view.

Data model

The data used by Campaign is defined through different resources defined in a pre-defined data model . The data model displays an out-of-the-box SQL structure for a set of marketing-related resources: delivery, audience, landing pages, profile, etc. Each resouces comes with associated filters, allowing you to navigate through the resources.
The Diagnosis menu allows you to list the technical objects generated by Campaign Standard: data schemas, web pages, filters, etc., allowing you to monitor the data model and any changed made to it.
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Custom resources

Campaign Standard allows you to Enrich the pre-defined data model to create your own resources (for example to add Purchase or Product tables), or to extend existing resources with new fields. You can also configure Campaign screens to optimize the navigation through the new resources and fields that have been created.
Additionally, you can extend Campaign Standard REST APIs in order to expose in the APIs extended fields for the custom resources Profiles. This allows you, for example, to update a customer's profile with a promo code generated from a billing system.
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Work with APIs

With Campaign Standard APIs, create integrations for Adobe Campaign Standard and build your own ecosystem by interfacing Campaign with the panel of technologies that you use. Get started with Campaign Standard REST APIs