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Tracking, monitoring and reporting

In addition to powerful, out-of-the box reporting templates, Adobe Campaign lets you create custom reports on a delivery, campaign, user, or segment level. Track your messages and understand your clients' behavior by progressively enriching their profile data. Reporting and analysis tools allow you to capitalize on each new campaign, better target your marketing actions, and optimize their impact and return on investment.
The graphical interface provides fast, easy access to the main indicators and delivery statistics.
The campaign reporting user interface facilitates the creation of dynamic reports. You can use drag-and-drop variables to customize your reports and to analyze the success of your campaigns. Depending on the complexity of your queries and calculations, the data can be aggregated into a list view or accessed in a format that makes it easy to generate marketing analytics reports.
For more information on reports, refer to the Accessing reports section.
With Adobe Campaign, you can monitor and track each delivery individually. The message dashboard displays dedicated logs to follow-up processes, rules and identify possible errors and warnings. For more about delivery monitoring, refer to the Monitoring a delivery section. Tracking principles and capabilities are presented in the Tracking messages section.