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About templates

Marketing activity templates

When you create a new marketing activity, the first screen in the wizard asks you to select a type, or template. Templates allow you to pre-configure certain parameters according to your needs. The template may contain a full or partial configuration of the marketing activity. The template management is performed by the functional administrator.
The end user has a simplified interface. When creating a new marketing activity, you just need to select the template you would like to use. There is no need to worry about any technical configurations. This has already been pre-configured by the functional administrator in the template.
For example, in the case of an email template, you can pre-fill the HTML content, the audience, and any other parameter of your delivery: schedule, test profiles, your delivery's general properties, the advanced parameters, etc. This allows you to save time when creating a new activity.
For each type of marketing activity, one or several out-of-the-box templates are available with minimal configuration. These out-of-the-box templates cannot be modified or deleted.
Templates are available for the following marketing activities:
  • Programs
  • Campaigns
  • Email deliveries
  • SMS deliveries
  • Push notifications
  • Landing pages
  • Workflows
  • Services
  • Import
  • Transactional messages
These templates are managed from the Resources > Templates screen.
Brand configuration can be pre-configured in an email or landing page template. For more information, refer to the Branding section.

Content templates

The HTML content templates are accessible from the Resources > Content templates & fragments screen of the Advanced menu . From there, you can manage landing page content templates, email content templates and also fragments.
The out-of-the-box content templates are read-only. To edit one of them, you must first duplicate the desired template.
You can create new templates or fragments, and define your own contents. For more on this, see Creating a content template and Creating a content fragment .
When editing content with the Email Designer, you can also create content templates by saving your content as fragment or template. For more on this, see Saving content as template and Saving content as fragment .

Out-of-the-box email content templates

You can manage HTML contents that are offered in the Templates tab of the Email Designer home page.
The out-of-the-box email content templates include eighteen mobile-optimized layouts and four best-in-class responsive templates designed by Behance artists. They correspond to the most current usages such as customer welcome messages, newsletters and reengagement emails, among others. They can easily be customized with your brands' content to ease the process of designing emails from scratch.
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Creating a content template

You can create your own content templates to use them as many times as needed.
The following example shows how to create an email content template.
  1. Go to Resources > Content templates & fragments and click Create .
  2. Click the email label to access the Properties tab of the Email Designer.
  3. Specify a recognizable label and select the following parameters to be able to use this template in emails:
    • Select Shared or Delivery from the Content type drop-down list.
    • Select Template from the HTML type drop-down list.
  4. If needed, you can set an image that will be used as a thumbnail for the template. Select it from the Thumbnail tab of the template properties.
    This thumbnail will be displayed in the Templates tab of the Email Designer home page.
  5. Close the Properties tab to return to the main workspace.
  6. Add structure components and content components that you can customize as needed.
    You cannot insert personalization fields or conditional content inside a content template.
  7. Once edited, save your template.
This template can now be used in any email built with the Email Designer. Select it from the Templates tab of the Email Designer home page.

Saving content as template

When editing an email with the Email Designer, you can directly save the content of that email as a template.
  1. Select Save as template from the Email Designer main toolbar.
  2. Add a label and a description if needed, then click Save .
  3. To find the template that you just created, go to Resources > Content templates & fragments .
  4. To use your new template, select it from the Templates tab of the Email Designer home page.