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Configure Campaign-Analytics integration

This integration allows you to share your Key Performance Indicator data directly from Adobe Campaign to Adobe Analytics Standard or Premium.
To start the integration between Adobe Campaign Standard and Adobe Analytics, you first need to configure the external account linked to Adobe Analytics.
External accounts and technical workflows can only be managed by the functional administrator of the platform.
  1. From the advanced menu, via the Adobe Campaign logo, select
    Administration > Application settings > External accounts
  2. Select the
    Share KPIs with Adobe Analytics
    external account.
  3. Specify your
    Web services user name
    Web services share secret
    in the
    These parameters can be found in Analytics by selecting
    Admin > Company settings > Web services
  4. Click the
    Refresh report suites
  5. Select in the
    Analytics default report suite
    drop-down the Adobe Analytics report suite you want to enrich with Adobe Campaign data.
    Your external account is now ready and linked with Adobe Analytics. You can disable it at any time by checking the
Share KPIs with Adobe Analytics
technical workflow will now automatically launch and can be viewed from the advanced menu by selecting
Administration > Application settings > Workflow
. This technical workflow will automatically execute every 15 minutes and will push up to 6 months old data in Adobe Analytics.
Your data are now available in Adobe Analytics.
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