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Update data


Update data
activity allows you to perform a mass update on fields in the database.

Context of use

Update data
activity can be used after importing a file in order to insert the data recovered into the Adobe Campaign database. Several options allow you to personalize updating the data.


  1. Drag and drop an
    Update data
    activity into your workflow.
  2. Select the activity, then open it using the button from the quick actions that appear.
  3. Specify the
    Operation type
    to be carried out:
    • Insert or update
      : insert data or update it if it the records already exist in the database.
    • Insert only
      : insert data only. The records that already exist are not updated. If reconciliation criteria are defined, only the non-reconciled records will be added.
      Check the
      Generate an outbound transition for rejects
      box if the data imported contains certain records that already exist in the database to avoid any possible errors.
    • Update
      : update data of the records that already exist in the database only.
    • Delete
      : delete data.
    Batch size
    field enables you to define the maximum batch size for the data to upload.
  4. In the
    tab, specify how to identify the records in the database:
    • Using the targeting dimension
      : select the
      Dimension to update
      then specify the
      Keys for finding records
      . For more this, refer to Targeting dimensions and resources .
    • If the data entered matches an existing targeting dimension, select the
      Using one or more links
      option. Then select the
      Dimension to update
    If the operation type selected requires an update, you must use reconciliation keys.
  5. In the
    Fields to update
    tab, specify the fields on which the update will be applied and, if necessary, add conditions so that this update is carried out. To do this, use the
    Taken into account if
    column. The conditions are applied one after the other in list order. Use the arrows on the right to change the order of the updates. You can use the same destination field multiple times.
    You can automatically link fields using the button. Automatic linking detects fields with the same name.
    During an
    Insert or update
    type operation, you can individually select the operation to apply for each field. To do this, select the value you would like in the
    Managing updates
    fields are automatically updated when an update data activity is run, unless their configuration is explicitly carried out on the field update table. The update is only carried out on the records where at least one difference has been detected. If the values are the same, no update is carried out.
  6. If needed, manage the activity's Transitions to access the advanced options for the outbound population.
    If you have selected
    Insert only
    and the data imported may contain records that are already present in the database, check the
    Generate an outbound transition for the rejects
    box to avoid any possible errors.
  7. Confirm the configuration of your activity and save your workflow.


The following activity shows the configuration of an
Update data
activity following a
Load file
activity. The aim of this workflow is to add or update profiles to the Adobe Campaign database with the data recovered from the file. The reconciliation key used is the email address.
The file loaded is a
format file containing the following example data:
lastname;firstname;email;birthdate jackman;megan;;07/08/1975 phillips;edward;;09/03/1986 weaver;justin;;11/15/1990 martin;babeth;;11/25/1964 reese;richard;;02/08/1987 cage;nathalie;;07/03/1989 xiuxiu;andrea;;09/12/1992 grimes;daryl;;12/06/1979 tycoon;tyreese;;10/08/1971
Update data
activity is configured as follows: