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Targeting data

Selecting data

You can select data using the following activities:
  • The
    activity allows you to filter and extract a population of elements from the Adobe Campaign database. See the Query section.
  • The
    Incremental query
    activity allows you to filter and extract a population of elements from the Adobe Campaign database. Each time this activity is executed, the results from the previous executions are excluded. This allows you to target only new elements See the. Incremental query section.
  • The
    Read audience
    activity allows you to retrieve an existing audience and to refine it by applying additional filtering conditions.See the Read audience section.

Segmenting data

Adobe Campaign lets you process sets on inbound data. You can thus combine several populations, exclude part of it or only keep data common to several targets.
  • The
    activity allows you to regroup the result of multiple activities into a single target. See the Union section.
  • The
    activity allows you to keep only the elements common to the different inbound populations in the activity. See the Intersection section.
  • The
    activity allows you to exclude elements from one population according to certain criteria. See the Exclusion section.
  • The
    activity lets you create one or several segments from a population calculated by activities placed earlier in the workflow. At the end of the activity, they can be processed in one single transition or different transitions. See the Segmentation section.

Enriching data

The identified and collected data can be enriched, aggregated and manipulated to optimize target construction. You can simplify and optimize targeting processes, by including data that is not modeled in the data mart.
Additional data
tab of the
Incremental query
activities allows you to enrich the data targeted by the query and transfer this data to the following workflow activities, where it can be utilized. In particular, you can add:
  • Simple data
  • Aggregates
  • Collections
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