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Worflow use case: Create an email delivery every Tuesday

You can send an email every Tuesday to all the customers for Special Offers.
  1. In Marketing Activities , click Create and select Workflow .
  2. Select New Workflow as workflow type and click Next .
  3. Enter properties of the workflow and click Create .

Creating a Scheduler activity

  1. In Activities > Execution , drag and drop a Scheduler activity .
  2. Double-click the activity.
  3. Configure the execution of your delivery.
  4. In Execution frequency , select Weekly .
  5. Select a Time and a Repetition frequency for your deliveries.
  6. In Days of the week , select Tuesday .
  7. Specify a Start and an Expiration parameter for your workflow.
  8. Confirm your activity and save your workflow.
To start your workflow at a specific Time Zone , in the  Execution options  tab, set up the time zone for your scheduler in the Time zone field.

Creating a Query activity

  1. In Activities > Targeting , to select recipients, drag and drop a query activity and double-click it.
  2. In Shortcuts > Profile , drag and drop Email .
  3. Select is not empty as an operator.
  4. In Shortcuts > General , add profiles and select no longer contact by email with the value No .
  5. Click Confirm .

Creating an Email delivery

  1. In Activities > Channels , drag and drop an Email delivery .
  2. Click the activity and select to edit.
  3. Select Recurring email and click Next .
  4. Select an email template and click Next .
  5. Enter the email properties and click Next .
  6. To create the layout of your email, click on Use Email Designer .
  7. Insert elements or select an existing template.
  8. Personalize your email using fields and links.
  9. Click Save .
For more information, refer to designing an email .
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