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About sending messages with Campaign

Once you have defined the target and created the content of a message, you need to test and approve it before sending the message to the main target. To do this:
  • Preview your delivery by using a test profile.
  • Schedule the sending: define when to send the message.
  • Prepare the send: this step allows you to move to analyzing and preparing messages to send. The message preparation analyzes the target, the personalization and the validity of the message. Errors detected during this step must be corrected before being able to proceed further. You can launch the message preparation as many times as needed.
    You can set global cross-channel fatigue rules that will automatically exclude oversollicited profiles from campaigns. See Fatigue rules .
  • Test the send: this step allows you to approve the message by sending proofs.
  • Check the delivery rendering: make sure that your message will be displayed in an optimal way on a variety of web clients, web mails and devices (highly recommended).
  • Send the message: once the message ready, you can start the sending. Access logs and reports are then available to monitor the message delivery and measure the success of your campaign. Adobe Campaign also provides an email alerting system to keep track of delivery successes or failures.
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