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Previewing messages

Campaign Standard allows you to preview messages before sending, in order to check their personalization and how your recipients will see them.
Messages preview is performed using Test profiles that you add to the message's target.
For email messages, Campaign Standard allows you to preview messages using targeted profiles rather than test profiles. This allows you to get an exact representation of the message that a specific profile will receive. For more on this, see Testing email messages using targeted profiles .
To preview a message using test profiles, follow these steps:
  1. In the Email Designer , click the Preview button.
    A desktop view and a responsive mobile view of your email are displayed side by side.
  2. An automatic anti-spam checking is performed during each preview. Click the Anti-spam analysis button to find out more about the warning.
  3. Select the Change profile button to choose the test profile you want to test the personalization elements on.
  4. To exit the Preview mode, click the Edit button on top left of the screen.
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