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Confirming the send

Once you have finished preparing your messages and the approval steps have been carried out, you can send them. For more on messages preparation, refer to Preparing the send .
Only users with the
Start deliveries
role can confirm send. For more on this, refer to the List of roles section.
Users without this role will see the following message:
To send your delivery, click the
Confirm send
button found in the message's action bar.
You will be asked to finalize the send definitively by clicking the
The message is being sent.
If the message is scheduled, it will be sent when sending time is reached. For more on scheduling messages, refer to this section .
If you are using a recurring delivery with no aggregation period, you can request confirmation before the delivery is sent. To do this, open the
block of the delivery dashboard, then activate the dedicated option.
block shows the progress of the send.
Once the message is sent to the contacts, the
zone shows your KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) data , including:
  • The number of messages to deliver
  • The number of messages sent
  • The percentage of messages delivered
  • The percentage of bounces and errors
  • The percentage of open messages
  • The percentage of clicks in the messages (for emails)
    Open rate
    Click-through rate
    are updated every hour.
If the KPIs take too long to update or don't take into account the results from the sending logs, click the
Compute stats
button in the
The message can be viewed in the history of one of the client profiles that makes up part of the audience. See Integrated customer profile .
Once a message is sent, you can track the behavior of its recipients, and monitor it in order to measure its impact. For more on this, refer to these sections: