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Creating a service

Services creation is performed with a POST request on the service resource.
If you want to create the service with specific attributes, add them into the payload. Otherwise, the new service will be created with default ones.
Sample request
Sample POST request to create a service with specific attributes.
-X POST<ORGANIZATION>/campaign/profileAndServices/service/ \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>' \
-H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \
-H 'X-Api-Key: <API_KEY>'
-d {
-d "label": "My newsletter",
-d "messageType": "email",
-d "name": "email_newsletter",
-d "start": "2019-10-06"
-d }

It returns the newly created service with the updated attributes.
    "PKey": "<PKEY>",
    "builtIn": false,
    "created": "2019-09-26 12:00:37.005Z",
    "href": "<ORGANIZATION>/profileAndServices/service/@NLscZuVHxdVu9rPftvrMWFfR1zRIxQGswSOmGLrK09JTF_iWhB0JCUHEndA_vvy__k9mzOYa5NVkcWDcrK8qGh0wygahX9kRcD44kiWWSEceShn3",
    "label": "My newsletter",