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Thanks for choosing to contribute!
The following are a set of guidelines to follow when contributing to this project.

Code of Conduct

This project adheres to the Adobe code of conduct . By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report unacceptable behavior to .

Have A Question?

Start by filing an issue. The existing committers on this project work to reach consensus around project direction and issue solutions within issue threads (when appropriate).

Contributor License Agreement

All third-party contributions to this project must be accompanied by a signed contributor license agreement. This gives Adobe permission to redistribute your contributions as part of the project. Sign our CLA . You only need to submit an Adobe CLA one time, so if you have submitted one previously, you are good to go!

Code Reviews

All submissions should come in the form of pull requests and need to be reviewed by project committers. Read GitHub's pull request documentation for more information on sending pull requests.

From Contributor To Committer

We love contributions from our community! If you'd like to go a step beyond contributor and become a committer with full write access and a say in the project, you must be invited to the project. The existing committers employ an internal nomination process that must reach lazy consensus (silence is approval) before invitations are issued. If you feel you are qualified and want to get more deeply involved, feel free to reach out to existing committers to have a conversation about that.

Security Issues

Security issues shouldn't be reported on this issue tracker. Instead, file an issue to our security experts