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About core services

In the Experience Cloud, click the menu icon to access the pull-down menu.
Activation is the core service that enables you to implement and deploy Experience Cloud solutions. It includes:
  • Launch, by Adobe (the latest tag management solution)
  • Dynamic Tag Management
  • Triggers
Manage Experience Cloud user entitlements and product profiles.
Experience Cloud Assets provide a single, centralized repository of marketing-ready assets that you can share across solutions.
Expand your Adobe Experience Cloud functionality with the best extensions, scripts, and more. Explore with the search bar, or sort by product or app type.
Share or post assets and Analytics reports directly with others using your Experience Cloud Feed.
Mobile Services brings together mobile marketing capabilities for mobile applications from across the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which allows you to understand and improve user engagement with your mobile applications.
In the Audience Library, you can create audiences, combine existing audiences to create composite audiences, and view all shared audiences.
In Customer Attributes, you can also upload enterprise customer data to the Experience Cloud.