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View Experience Cloud users in the Admin Tool

Administrators can view a sortable and filterable list of all Experience Cloud users and their details in the Admin Tool. User details include a user’s product access, roles, and last accessed information. ( Note: User and product management is configured in the Admin Console .)
  1. Log in to
  2. From the Experience Cloud Home, click Admin Tool.
    (Alternatively, in the home page URL you can replace home with admin. )
    The Users page displays.

Users page

This page displays complete list of users with access to Experience Cloud in your organization. It provides information about solution entitlement and last login. You can search, sort, and filter for custom views of the user list.
The first and Last name of the user. You can sort this column from A to Z and Z to A. Click a user's name to see more details about the user.
The email address associated with the user. Column can be sorted A->Z, Z->A.
ID Type
The identity type for the user's account. Filter can be applied to view specific ID types. See Manage identity types for more information.
Summary of Experience Cloud solutions that the user can access. You can apply filters to narrow down list of users with specific solution access.
Last Login
Time and Date of the most recent user login to the Experience Cloud. This column can be sorted by ascending or descending dates.
Important: As of January 13, 2020 a user’s last login data will be kept for 365 days. This information is intended to show current login activity in the Experience Cloud and not a recommendation to take action on inactive accounts prior to January 13th, 2020.

Customize the user list view

You can search, sort, or filter the columns to customize the user list.
  • Search for users by Name or Email. Searches match the text string you type.
  • Sort column by ascending or descending values. This applies to Name, Email, and Last Login Columns.
  • Click the Filter By icon to apply multiple filters to list users with specific criteria. When multiple filter categories are applied, searches contain Email Domain AND ID TYPE AND Solution.
Email Domain filter
Search for character strings in the Email column to narrow results to one or multiple domains. Add multiple filters by pressing enter after each search term
ID Type filter
Choose from available ID Types. Multiple ID types can be used as a filter.
Solution filter
Choose from available solutions. Multiple solution filters search for results containing Solution 1 OR Solution 2.

View user details

On the Users page, to view a user's details, click the user's email.
A detailed view of each user displays important details about the user’s solution access, admin and product roles, and last accessed information.

About Section

This section displays a summary of the user account including:
  • User Avatar and System Admin Badge (If applicable)
  • Name
  • Email
  • Username (Federated ID accounts may have usernames differing from Email address)
  • Country
  • Last Login

Solutions Summary

This section displays a summary of Experience Cloud solutions that the user can access. Includes the product administrative role when applicable.

Detailed Product Access List

This section displays a complete list of all product profiles membership for the user.
Name of the product associated with the product profile.
Name of the instance (such as login company or tenant) associated with the product and product profile.
Product Profile
Unique name of the product profile.
Assigned by Group
Name of the User Group that associates the user to a product profile. Blank results indicate the user was assigned to the product profile directly, not through a group.
Product Roles
Role assignment of the user within the product profile. Currently, this information applies only to Adobe Target product profiles.