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Save and load filters

Steps to saving and loading filters.
  1. Right-click the filter’s name (or [ #] if the filter is new) and click Save Filter .
  2. Enter the desired name for the filter in the Save As label.
  3. Click Save Filter .
    After you save the filter, you can load it to use in other workspaces. See below how to load an existing filter or reference it by name in a [!DNL Metric Editor]. See [Creating and Editing Derived Metrics](../../../../home/c-get-started/c-admin-intrf/c-prof-mgr/
           >If you would like all users of a profile to use the filters that you save, you must upload them to the appropriate profile using the [!DNL Profile Manager]. See [Publishing Files to Your Working Profile](../../../../home/c-get-started/c-admin-intrf/c-prof-mgr/
           **To load an existing filter**
    • Right-click the filter’s name and click Load Filter > < filter name > .