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Reusing a segment visualization

If you want to use the same segment information again, you can save the segment visualization, the workspace containing the segment visualization, or save the segments themselves as a dimension.
If you would like all users of a profile to use the segments and dimensions that you create or modify, a user with the appropriate permissions must upload them to the appropriate profile using the Profile Manager. See Publishing Files to Your Working Profile .
To save the segment visualization for use in other workspaces
  1. Right-click the top border of the segment visualization and click Save . The Save window appears. The default save location is the User*profile name*\Work folder.
  2. In the File name field, type a more descriptive name for the visualization and click Save .
To retrieve the saved segment visualization
  1. Right-click within the workspace and click Open > File . The Open Visualization window appears.
  2. Navigate to the segment visualization that you saved in the User*profile name*\Work folder.
  3. Select the segment visualization file ( *.vw) and click Open .