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The PullNameValues transformation is a special operation that takes the values in the cs-uri-query field and separates each of the name-value pairs into a separate string.
The entire collection of name-value pair strings is output in the specified output field as a vector of strings.
Descriptive name of the transformation. You can enter any name here.
Optional. Notes about the transformation.
The conditions under which this transformation is applied.
The default value to use if the condition is met and the input value is not available in the given log entry.
The name of the output string.
The PullNameValues transformation is used in this example to capture visitors' use of the search form: which buttons were selected, what values were typed in the form, and so on. The example uses a String Match condition (see Conditions ) to isolate the use of this transformation to only the page /search.php. The vector of name-value pairs is output into the field x-search-namevalues.
Using the transformation as defined above, if the cs-uri-stem field matched the page /search.php and cs-uri-query contained the following:
  • Searchfor=Bob&State=Virginia&isMale=true
then x-search-namevalues would contain a vector containing the following three strings:
  • Searchfor=Bob
  • State=Virginia
  • isMale=true