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Modifying Log Processing.cfg

You must add the x-experiment field to the Log Processing.cfg file, which is used to create an extended dimension.
To modify Log Processing.cfg
  1. In Insight, open the Profile Manager by right-clicking within a workspace and clicking Admin > Profile Manager , or by opening the Profile Management workspace on the Admin tab.
  2. In the Profile Manager, click Dataset to show its contents.
  3. Right-click the check mark next to Log Processing.cfg and click Make Local . A check mark for this file appears in the User column.
  4. Right-click the newly created check mark and click Open > in Insight . The Log Processing.cfg window appears.
  5. Click Fields to show its contents.
  6. Right-click the last field in the current list and click Add new > Field .
  7. Type x-experiment in the newly created field, as shown in the following example:
  8. Right-click (modified) at the top of the window and click Save .
  9. In the Profile Manager, right-click the check mark for Log Processing.cfg in the User column, then click Save to > < profile name > to save the locally made changes to the working profile.
    The dataset begins reprocessing immediately.
    For more information about Log Processing and Fields see the Dataset Configuration Guide .