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Data Workbench is part of Adobe Analytics . It has highly-flexible, powerful, multi-channel capabilities designed to collect, process, analyze, and visualize data from online and offline customer interactions across all types of web, CRM, POS, and other data types. Interactive reports in Data Workbench let you analyze and react to pertinent statistical information to monitor activity and predict customer trends.

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Data Workbench Release Notes and New Features

Data Workbench 6.6.1 is now released. It includes updates to MMP configuration for splitting record files.
Data Workbench 6.6 is now released. It includes updates to Propensity Score and a new Segment Export Wizard.
Data Workbench 6.52 is released. It includes an AVRO upgrade for processing data source log files.
Data Workbench 6.51 is released. It includes a new AVRO Feed and gradient overlays to the Bar Graph display.
Data Workbench 6.5 is released. Install the latest version of Data Workbench with new features, including:
Last updated : 9/30/2019