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Upgrading 6.4 to 6.5

Follow these steps to upgrade to Data Workbench v6.5.

Upgrade Requirements and Recommendations

Follow these requirements and recommendations when upgrading to Data Workbench 6.5.
  • Changes in the Components for Processing Servers\Communications.cfg file require you to update this file for the DWB 6.5 release. The SourceListServer , SegmentExportServer , and NormalizeServer entries were removed. ( DPU's should not be running sourcelist , segment export , or normalize servers . )
  • Correlation Chord, Correlation Matrix, Association Chord, Association Matrix, Propensity Score and Best Fit Attribution visualizations are now multi-pass visualizations.
    When there are more than one multi-pass visualizations in a workspace, Report Server will fail to generate reports by default with the error:
    Too many Multipass visualizations in workspace ....... (has #, 1 allowed).
    Avoid this error by updating your ReportServer.cfg file or add this line to your existing file in the Reporting section.
    Max Multipass Per Slice = int: n
    where n is the maximum number of multi-pass visualizations supported by Report Server in a workspace.