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General Information

Values entered into a form in a web page can be collected and appended in the query string of the subsequently requested page (on form submission) through the use of JavaScript.
This is shown in the following example. Include this JavaScript after any form validation scripts used in your HTML pages.
<script language="JavaScript"> 
function AppendFormValues() 
for(var i = 0; i < document.formname.length; i++) 
var item = document.formname.elements[i]; 
var formitem = “v_”+i; 
var formvalue = item.value; 
formvalues += formitem + '=' + formvalue + '&'; 
document.formname.action = document.formname.action + '?' + formvalues; 
<form name="formname" action="thankyou.asp" method="POST" onSubmit="AppendFormValues();"> 
<input name="NAME" size="50" value=""></input>name<br/> 
<input name="CITY" size="50" value=""></input>city<br/> 
<input name="STATE" size="50" value=""></input>state<br/> 
<input name="ZIP" size="10" value=""></input>zip<br /> 
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="submit"/> 

This example appends the values entered into the form by the browser user to the subsequent “thankyou.asp” page indicated in the FORM Action value as follows: Smith&v_2=Los Angeles&v_3=California&v_4=90210

The following extended measurements would be acquired with this request in addition to the baseline measurements collected by Sensor:
Data Collected
Value associated with the NAME form field
v_1=John Smith
Value associated with the CITY form field
v_2=Los Angeles
Value associated with the STATE form field
Value associated with the ZIP form field