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Update Report Server with a language file (.zbin file)

For all languages, Report Server 6.0 and later requires the "insight.zbin" file copied to the Report Server root folder.
Update the Report Server language files:
  1. Add the renamed "insight.zbin" file to the root ReportServer directory.
  2. The Report Server configuration file (reportserver.cfg) requires font settings for double-byte languages. For example, Chinese requires the addition of fonts using SimSun:
    <b>Report Server.cfg - Add Fonts</b> 
    Fonts = vector: 2 items 
      0 = string: SimSun 
      1 = string: Arial
  3. A parameter for Report Server 6.0 needs to be passed in the command line for localization, for example:
    ReportServer.exe -Locale -zh-cn 
    ReportServer.exe -Locale -en-us
    If a locale is not specified, then the Report Server defaults to English.
    Follow the steps to launch the ReportServer as a service with the Locale parameters:
    1. Launch a Command Prompt as an Administrator.
    2. Navigate to the ReportServer install folder.
    3. Type the following command to start the service:
      • For English: ReportServer.exe -RegServer -Locale -en-us
      • For Chinese: ReportServer.exe -RegServer -Locale -zh-cn
  4. To verify if the ReportServer is running with the correct parameters:
    1. Open up Windows Service Manager.
    2. Right-click Adobe Insight Report Server - Properties.
    The path to executable will contain the parameters:
    ReportServer.exe -Service ReportServer -Locale -en-us