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Configure the Report Set

After you have created and saved the workspaces within your report set folder, you must create a new Report.cfg file.
You must specify in the Report.cfg file for the report set when and how the reports are to be generated and distributed.
To create a new Report.cfg
  1. In data workbench, open the Profile Manager by right-clicking within a workspace and clicking Admin > Profile > Profile Manager .
  2. Click Reports to open the Reports folder.
  3. Click the folder for your report set.
  4. In the User column for your report set folder, right-click and select Create > Report . A new Report.cfg file appears in the Filecolumn.
  5. In the User column for the new Report.cfg file, right-click the check mark for the Report.cfg file, then click Open > from the workbench .
  6. Edit the configuration parameters as desired. For information about these parameters, see Report.cfg Parameters .
    The sample Report.cfg shown in this example contains only the parameters included in the Report.cfg file by default. If you need to add additional parameters to a Report.cfg file, you must do so using a text editor. For steps to do so, see Editing Existing Report.cfg Files .
  7. Save the file by right-clicking Report.cfg (modified) at the top of the file and clicking [Save as Reports\] < ReportSetName > \Report.cfg .
  8. Close the file.
  9. In the Profile Manager, right-click the check mark in the User column for the new Report.cfg file and select Save to < profile name > .