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Adobe Audience Manager tool

Information about deploying Adobe Audience Manager using Dynamic Tag Management.
<Web Property Name> > Overview > Add a Tool > Adobe Audience Manager
Setting Description
Tool Name
You can name this instance of audience manager.
A unique alphanumeric identifier assigned by audience manager.
Load audience management page code at (Page Top or Page Bottom)
You can control where and when to load the page code. The recommended location is selected by default.
Audience management page code already present
Prevents Dynamic Tag Management from installing audience manager code if it is already present on your site. This way, you can use Dynamic Tag Management to add to your existing implementation, rather than starting a new implementation.
Code version
Select the API code version used by your implementation.
Integrate with
Select the previously configured tool integration that you want to integrate. If none, no integration is configured.
Adobe Analytics
Google Analytics
Select the integrations you want to enable. If enabled, you must provide a minimum amount of configuration code.
Open Editor
Use the editor to insert the custom audience manager API code. The tracking call should be included in the custom code.
Add a Note Add any notes here regarding this implementation.