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Log in to Adobe Analytics

Before you log in to configure Adobe Analytics reports and match Adobe Analytics report variables to Dynamic Media Classic events, verify that you are added as a member of the Web Service Access group in Adobe Analytics. Members in this group can access all reports in the specified report suites by way of the Marketing Cloud’s Web Services API regardless of the permissions set in the interface. To add a member to the group, in Adobe Analytics, click Admin Tools > User Management > Edit Groups .
When you log in you have the option of entering your Marketing Cloud Org ID to use the latest video analytics implementation. If you choose not to enter your ID, video reporting still works. However, it can cause the data to not integrate correctly with other data for that client from outside Dynamic Media Classic.
To log in to Adobe Analytics
  1. Click Setup > Application Setup .
  2. In the left pane, under Application Setup, click Adobe Analytics .
  3. In the Adobe Analytics Configuration screen, click Adobe Analytics Login .
  4. In the Login dialog box, enter your company name, Marketing Cloud Org ID (optional), user name, and password.
  5. Click Login .
  6. Choose a report suite, then click OK .
    The first time you log in to Adobe Analytics, the Report Suite drop-down list is blank. You do not choose a report suite the first time you log in. After you log in for the first time, log out, and then return to the Adobe Analytics screen. Log in again to be able to choose a report suite.