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Welcome to the Dynamic Media Classic Help. Here you can access all available resources to successfully learn more about using Dynamic Media Classic (formerly known as Scene7).

Dynamic Media Classic Technical Documentation

Dynamic Media Classic Webinars and Tutorials

  • Maximize your Asset ROI - Learn industry best practices to deliver rich media across your sites and mobile apps. In this webinar we give examples and demonstrations showing you how to deliver video efficiently across devices, deliver dynamic creative in your marketing campaigns, and increase conversion by making any image, style guide, or lookbook shoppable.
  • Accelerate Your Content Delivery Lifecycle - This webinar gives you an introduction and demonstration of Adobe Experience Manager Assets - on demand, the next generation platform for rich media management and delivery. Learn how to collaborate and share assets between creative and marketing teams to streamline asset review processes; best practices to manage asset metadata efficiently to make assets easy to find, use, reuse and share, and how to deliver interactive cross-channel rich media experiences.
  • Design for Mobile Optimization - Use Dynamic Media Classic to efficiently deliver targeted rich media to all devices. In this webinar, you learn how to design and deliver imaging and video viewing experiences that are effective across mobile apps and responsive sites.
  • How Adobe Dyanmic Media Classic Supports SEO - Search engines today enable search for websites and images. SPS supports efforts to make images more search-engine friendly so that more traffic is driven to the Dynamic Media Classic user's website. This PDF gives you the background and implementation recommendations to make that happen.
  • Using Dynamic Media Classic to maximize holiday conversion - This webinar teaches you how to set up automated workflows to get content from watched folders and automatically create spin sets and videos. You also learn how to quickly manage changes and update images.
  • Best practices to deliver interactive experiences with Dynamic Media Classic - This webinar teaches you how to get content in and out of Dynamic Media Classic and how to set up image presets for optimal performance and experience. You also learn about viewer presets and caching configurations.
  • Best practices for responsive design - This webinar teaches you practical tips on how to improve your mobile strategy. See real-world examples of responsive design in action. Create one master asset that works across multiple devices and increase mobile performance by dynamically changing the resolution of images or the orientation of images for portrait or landscape displays. Learn how to also dynamically crop, scale, or resize images.

Dynamic Media Classic Training

Go here to see the training courses that are currently available. Dynamic Media Classic training videos .