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Customizing the Media Portal screen

The Media Portal style settings allow you to brand the Media Portal screen with your company logo and colors. Use the style settings to put your company stamp on Media Portal.
To access the style settings, choose Setup > Media Portal Setup > Style Settings . Be sure you click Save to save your settings after you make them. You can click Restore to bring back the default settings. As you make your choices, the Preview panel shows you what your choices look like.
Logo Click Browse and choose a graphic in the Select Logo Image window.
Application Create a gradient color blend by making choices on the Background Gradient Colors menus.
Tree Choose a rollover color (the color that appears when you move the pointer over an item) and selection color (the color that appears when you select an item).
Accordion Choose background colors, a border style, and rollover and selected colors for the accordion that appears on the right side of the screen in Details view.
Accordion Header Choose whether to make text in the accordion header boldface.
Datagrid Choose colors for the header row in data grids.
Alert Choose a background color for alert message boxes.
Progress Bar Choose a color for the bar that indicates the progress of uploads and downloads.
For Media Portal users to see the style settings you choose, they must append ?company=(company name) to the URL with which they access Media Portal. For example, to see style settings, Media Portal users who access the PortalCo company at the following:
would use the following URL instead:
Including the company name in the URL enables Media Portal to recognize which company a user wants to access and apply the company’s style settings accordingly.
You can learn more about communicating URL changes to Media Portal users, and setting up a Welcome e-mail message so new users receive the correct Media Portal URL.