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Quick Start: Swatch Sets

Dynamic Media Classic Swatch Sets give users an integrated viewing experience. In the dynamic Swatch Set Viewer, users can see an item rendered in a different color, material, texture, finish, or fabric merely by clicking a thumbnail.
Quick Start
This Swatch Sets Quick Start is designed to get up and running quickly with Swatch Set techniques in Dynamic Media Classic.
1. Uploading the images and swatch files
Start by uploading the images and swatch files for your Swatch Sets.
Click Upload on the Global Navigation bar to upload files from your computer to a folder on Dynamic Media Classic. See Preparing Swatch Set assets for upload and Uploading your files .
2. Creating a Swatch Set
To create a Swatch Set, click Build > Swatch Sets. On the Swatch Set screen, drag images and color swatches onto the screen. See Creating a Swatch Set .
3. Setting up Swatch Set Viewer Presets
Administrators can create or modify Image Set Viewer Presets. Dynamic Media Classic comes with default Viewer Presets for each rich media type. Use the Zoom Viewer: Custom > Image Sets/Color Swatches presets to view your Swatch Sets.
4. Previewing a Swatch Set
Select the Swatch Set in the Browse Panel, and then click Preview. Your Swatch Set appears in this screen. Click the thumbnail and swatch icons to examine your Swatch Set in the selected Viewer. You can choose different Viewers from the Presets menu.
5. Publishing a Swatch Set
Publishing a Swatch Set places it on Dynamic Media Classic servers and activates the URL string.
Click the Mark For Publish icon to the left of its name in the Browse Panel. Then, click Publish . On the Publish screen, click Start Publish .
6. Linking a Swatch Set to a web page
Dynamic Media Classic creates URL calls for Swatch Sets, and activates them after you publish. You can copy these URLs from the Preview screen.
Select the Swatch Set, and then select the Preview button. The Preview screen opens. Select a Swatch Set Viewer Preset and select the Copy URL button. See Linking a Swatch Set to a web page .