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Pushing offer sets to Adobe Target Standard/Premium

After you create or edit an offer set, push it to Target Standard/Premium by following these steps:
  1. In the Test&Target Offer Set screen, click Push Offers .
  2. Enter your client code and login credentials.
  3. Click Login .
During the transfer to Target Standard/Premium, the prefix S7_ is attached automatically to the start of offer names. This prefix is attached to ensure that you can easily find Dynamic Media Classic offers in the Test&Target offer list. For example, the offer appears as S7_<name of offer set>_<offer name>.
Dynamic Media Classic pushes into Target Standard/Premium widget offers. You can use Widget offers to host your own offer content outside Target Standard/Premium. Widget offers are similar to a standard offer hosted outside Target Standard/Prermium. They allow Target Standard/Premium to deploy offer content that is stored on your server, allowing for more sophisticated and dynamic usage. Widget offers retrieve content from a URL, caching and serving that content for approximately two hours. Widget offers provide some dynamic content generation capabilities that other offers outside Target Standard/Preimium do not. If the mbox serving the offer contains mbox parameters such as mboxProductID and mbox.offerId , the productId=[PRODUCT_ID] and offerID=[OFFERID] URL parameters are appended to the requested URL. These parameters can be used by a service available at the Widget offer URL to return content outside Target Standard/Premium that uses product or order information from your mboxes. The Widget offer is also accessible through the API to programmatically create offers outside Target Standard/Premium.