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Preview and update template attributes

The FXG Template Preview screen displays all the parameters you customized for the template. All values reflect the default attributes. You can change the values for any of the parameters listed, as well as preview and publish the altered file.
  1. If the template is not already open in the FXG Template screen, open the FXG template in Detail view and click Edit .
  2. In the Template Publishing screen, click Preview (located at the top of the window).
    The template displays using the default parameters.
    Click the Up or Down Arrow buttons to go to different pages of a multi-page template.
  3. To change the value for a parameter, type a new value in the Value box or select a new value from the menu. To swap out a graphic, enter the URL for the new graphic.
    The file preview dynamically updates to show the new values.
  4. To view the template using a different preset size, choose the size from the Presets menu.
  5. To create a file for previewing, choose PDF or SWF from the Format menu, and then click Apply Format .
  6. To copy the URL for the template, click Copy URL .
  7. To return to the Template Publishing screen and save your changes, click Edit , or close the FXG Template Preview screen.
The URL is available for you to copy, but is not active until the template has been published. The URL automatically includes the selected variable data and preset setting.