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Preparing Images for Cabinet Files

In order to create .vnc files that you can use in Image Authoring images, you must have a set of images that display your cabinets.
These should include:
  • a photograph of each type of cabinet door you want to display.
  • a photograph of a horizontal section of the wood finish you plan to use.
  • a photograph of a vertical section of the wood finish you plan to use.
  • a modified version of each cabinet door with a representation of a glass inset, if you plan to support glass-door cabinets.
For each photograph, make sure that the image is cropped to the image information edge, and contains no white space.
If you want to be able to author parts of the cabinet door with other textures, save those areas as alpha channels in the image. For example, if you want to apply a solid-color veneer to one panel of a cabinet door, save an alpha channel for that panel.
Save all the cabinet images in bitmap, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, TGA, or PICT format. Place them all in a single folder so they are easy to find.