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Saving Your Cabinet Style

Scene7 recommends that you save your cabinet style in PNG format, as this is the least lossy choice.
If you upload a large number of cabinet styles to a server, and load time or disk space is an issue, you can choose a smaller format.
To Save Your Cabinet Style:
  1. Click the Save icon on the toolbar.
    Do not choose Save from the File menu, as it does not let you specify a file format.
  2. Choose a format for your cabinet style.
    This file format is used for the images that comprise your cabinet style. Then, the entire set of images is saved in a single .vnc file.
  3. Specify a size for the thumbnail images.
    Thumbnails of your cabinet images are saved in the same folder as your .vnc file. You can use these thumbnails as buttons on your website, to show customers their cabinet choices.
  4. Specify the save version.
    The save version determines which versions of the Image Rendering software can interpret your cabinet styles. This version number should match the version of your I mage Rendering software. To check the version number, choose Help > About in Image Authoring and check the VNT File Version.
  5. Click OK .
  6. Specify a name and location for the cabinet style file, then click Save .